We Specialize in unique mountain ADVENTURES


Moose Trail Overland was founded by two Dads with a passion to share the outdoors with their kids. Having the ability to access off-road terrain and to camp in it became routine. Gas, food, gear, potties and GO! Driving for days was not uncommon. From the dirt roads of Alberta to the base of the Grand Tetons, WY, Mike and Ryan wanted to create memories that would last a life time for their kids. The one thing that was missing was a bigger vehicle to support bigger dreams. This is where our next adventure begins.... 



We love being in the backcountry, away from tourists, and doing it all in 4x4! The experience is more unique than most touristy hot-spots and we really enjoy meeting new people and sharing our passion for the outdoors.


What's overlanding all about?

Overlanding is all about taking the road less travelled, seeing the real country as well as the highlights, and getting away from the tourist trail – our mantra is “it's the journey, not just the destination”.


Who can come overlanding?

We love taking our children with us and so should you! The best age for us is 4 and up. We do have the proper equipment to safely transport any child that is above 18kg (40lbs). This is a non-negotiable limit that ensures we are keeping ALL of our passengers safe during our tours and we hope you understand. 

"Fur Babies" are another important member of anyone's family. However, we are not yet ready to accommodate them on our tours. As our company grows, we'd also like to see our ability to transport your pets safely and securely over the next few years. We miss having our four legged friends along with us as we venture into new and exciting terrain, but they will need to stay home in the mean time. Sorry : ( 


our Tours

Moose Traill Overland offers a variety of overloading tours that transform your day into an amazing adventure. We are currently providing Night Photography (all year round), Best of the Rockies (summer), and are currently offering a ski shuttle service. Mike has been working extra hard lately to make our dream a reality. We have secured some land and are looking to add tents and a hot tub! Stay tuned for updates!!



Meet handsome andy

Andy is a unicorn. This E350 15 passenger van was upgraded with a 4x4 kit that gave Andy a 6 inch lift and enough room to fit 35 inch tires. This is the kind of vehicle you can take just about anywhere. Its the right vehicle for what we want to stand for, a sense of adventure and style! 



Andy was a man who loved adventure, especially with friends by his side. His commitment to serve our country isn't going unnoticed. We wanted to honour him for the things he loved and the person he was by displaying his name and service number on our first vehicle.  



our team

We are always ready for the next adventure


Michael Kearns


When you are looking for something fun to do with a little intensity added to it, then you call Mike Kearns. He is the kind of guy that typically takes you out on a "short trip" and then you find yourself committing to a 52km hike over two days through some of the most beautiful countryside imaginable. The idea of creating a company where we take people to the best places in the Rockies was something Mike realized while out in the backcountry in his Land Rover. From there his energy and vision set the rest of the wheels in motion. Mike has spent many of the last 10 years wasting his time doing what others thought was a good idea. He's learned a lot since then. He's learned that his passions and wanting to connect with people are what make him happiest. By sharing his love for the outdoors and encouraging others to do the same, no matter the mode of transport. He is a strong believer that life becomes a lot more enjoyable when you can sleep under a helipad in the winter at 2400m's, or paddling down glacier fed waters on a SUP board. "After spending most of my life working and visiting wild places, I have developed an appreciation for how the outdoors can help you grow. Moose Trail is the future for me. It is a way for me to bring people to the places I love and give them a deeper experience then they would get from visiting the crowded spots. Moose Trail represents a connection between people and the mountains."


Ryan Strohmaier


Ryan can't seem to settle with just one job. Moose Trail offers him a place where he can bring all of his "experience" to one place. From being a social worker these past 6 years, to working as a climbing instructor for the last 20, he finds himself constantly engaging with people and working along side them to help achieve their goals. You can typically find Ryan giving up a lot of his time to, not only his family, but also to surrounding himself with people in his community. He spends half of his time working at an addictions rehabilitation center providing support for young men, through outdoor adventure and experiential learning. The other half he has been working as a paid-response firefighter in Canmore. Somewhere in there Moose Trail Overland has become his passion project that allows him to provide opportunities to not only show others the best part of living in the Rockies, but also a platform where he enjoys learning about other people and sharing his love for the outdoors. For him, the overland company is just the beginning of a series of changes he wants to make in his life. Moose Trail Overland isn't just a company where two guys can buy cool vehicles and plan amazing trips. It's a means to something bigger. It's an 'Everest' climb to a true 'summit'. Ryan would like to see this company help support new community based initiatives that can directly impact its inhabitants. Initiatives like providing transportation for residents who can't afford their own vehicle, but need access to the city. Or executing local clean ups to help the locals and the tourists enjoy the front AND backcountry in and around the Bow Valley. And even be part of programs that create new opportunities for those who suffer from addiction, mental health, or cancer to explore nature and use it as a tool within their recovery. To him, this is what it means to make a difference.